As of June 2014, the stone spheres of Costa Rica have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over 300 spheres have been found in this region in the areas near the Diquís Delta in Palmar Sur and on Isla del Caño. Originally, these spheres were discovered in the 1930’s when the United Fruit Company was clearing jungle for fruit plantations.

While the exact origin of these spheres remains a mystery, there are some indications that they were created during a time in Costa Rican history referred to as the Aguas Buenas Period (300-800AD). Other reports place them during the Chiriquí Period (800-1550 AD).

There is an archaeological site that is referred to as Farm 6 where the stones are on display and some of them have been returned from places that they were moved to for decorative purposes.

Visiting these ancient sites is just one of the many adventures you can have while exploring the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.