As a fully Green project, all master planning, selection of materials, site development, and operational systems have been accomplished with the strictest attention to environmental responsibility. Input and participation from local community members has been policy since inception.

The Project design will respect and incorporate the most up to date principles of sustainable development. This includes the negation or compensation mitigation for perceived or real detrimental environmental and social impacts. A few key fundamental principles are essential in assuring the sustainability of Pavones Point.

Sustainable Design Philosophy:

Sustainable design should encourage close interaction with natural and cultural environments.

1. The Environment – The goal of Pavones Point is to become a pillar of environmental consciousness, by using the processes in waste management, water treatment, regional appropriate plant and building materials, and grey water irrigation and recycling. Pavones Point will be a leader in environmental technologies and applications in the area.

2. The Culture – The Pavones Point development will strive to align itself with the culture and values of the Costa Rican people. The goal is not only to provide residents and guests an incredible lifestyle and experience, but to enhance the culture and pride of the local Costa Ricans and residents. The people of Costa Rica and the region will be fully integrated into the design and construction, and they will benefit from the development and the development process.

3. The Economy – The economy will benefit from jobs that are created. We want not only the development and its businesses to be economically sustainable, but the citizens of the area as well. This project will have long- term benefits from construction to services, and will provide entertainment and restaurants which may greatly enhance Pavones and the surrounding area.


  • Permaculture is a unique approach to site design that integrates landscapes, gardens, built structures, humans, flora and fauna into permanent systems
  • Emphasis on native plants, plant diversity, natural lawn care and resource conservation
  • Consider use of low flow grey water irrigation systems
  • Maximize permeable surfaces on roofs, roads, parking areas, and sidewalks to limit runoff
  • Replace expensive, toxic, non-renewable chemical fertilizers with biological resources that generate fertility on site
  • Plant trees to help lower the water table where there is ground water salinity, especially in areas along the oceans, thus protecting surface vegetation from excess salt
  • Use gravity on a slope to move materials and water, slopes define the flow of energy and nutrients.

Design Principles

  • Design should encourage close interaction with the natural and cultural environment
  • Preservation and conservation of surrounding flora and fauna
  • Educate residents and visitors about green design, environmental impacts, and sustainability
  • Reduce fossil fuel dependency, energy consumption and air pollutants
  • Create healthy indoor and outdoor environments
  • Support markets for non-toxic and sustainable building materials and supplies
  • Reduce building ecological footprint
  • Optimize site circulation by planning walkways and bike paths with easy routes to site amenities
  • Encourage use of mass transit with alternative fuel vehicles
  • Consider shared parking areas with adjacent buildings
  • Analyze the life of a building
  • Become the example for others to follow

Traditional Tropical Vernacular

Another major design concept for Pavones Point is to achieve authenticity in the appearance and the feel of the design. Through careful study of traditional Tico, Spanish, and tropical style planning principles and the understanding of the local architectural vernacular, a density and style is developed giving Pavones Point a timeless look and feel. The sense of place will be further enhanced by local facade treatments, interior space organization and use of indigenous materials. The overall architecture will have a historic and traditional flavor with undertones of modern style and applications. It will appear tropical incorporating contemporary interpretations of the vernacular. Through traditional appearance, the facilities and services will be of the highest quality and unique design.

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